About Us – Liaa Bébé Bamboo Baby Sleepwear

About Us


As parents of two wonderful children we face plenty of challenges day after day; feeding, putting to sleep, dressing up, bathing, setting in and the list could go on forever... It is of course, when we think all is going great, when suddenly something changes completely.

Most children do not like getting dressed, so when we have to put a piece of clothing on them that is not elastic enough, it is a complete torture for both parent and child. The purpose of creating the LiaaBébé brand was to overcome this challenge.

We truly believe that an adequately designed and manufactured product can help in making parenthood a little less stressful.

Soft, elastic and comfortable. These were the primary features in mind, when we selected bamboo viscose, as our main base material. We added 5% elastane to this, so that putting on a bodysuit or overall can be done without any struggle.

I find it important for our children to wear comfortable clothing that is also appealing to them day and night, which is why we chose more vivid colors. Baby clothing is also rather tight-fitting, instead of a baggy and loose design, in order to support free and easy moving around.