Newborn Bundle – Liaa Bébé Bamboo Baby Sleepwear

Newborn Bundle

€129,90 EUR

extra soft bamboo viscose

perfect for the babies' sensitive skin

with 5% elastane it's super easy to put on

heat regulating feature

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The perfect set for newborns infants , including all the necessary baby clothing in size of 56.


Blue Set:

- 4 sleepsuits

- 2 footed baby pants

- 4 bodysuits

- 2 baby hat


Pink Set:

- 4 sleepsuits

- 2 footed baby pants

- 4 bodysuits

- 1 baby hat

- 2 knot headband

Bamboo Material

The benefits of bamboo clothing:

Heat Regulation

The air-permeability of bamboo creates a warm feeling in winter and a cool feeling in summer.

Extra soft and silky

The material made from natural bamboo fibers provides extra care for the baby's sensitive skin.

Long-term freshness

Bamboo wicks away moisture to evaporate more efficiently than most other fabrics, keeping baby’s skin dry and comfortable throughout the day.


Viscose from bamboo is solid, so the clothing won't shrink, get stretched out and deformed, or get worn out. It holds their shape!